Site FAQs & Help

How to update and customize your site FAQ and help page

InkSoft has a built-in FAQ & Help function to address shoppers questions on the Storefront. We've created some standard FAQ and help topics, you can customize, add and delete these as needed. 

Getting Started

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Advanced> Site FAQs & Help.

FAQ and Help Topic Options

  • Add New Parent Category: Will create a new Category. You will organize 'topics' under categories.
  • Topic Categories: These are the current categories. Clicking the category name will allow you to see the topics in each category.
  • Add New Topic: This will create a new topic for the category.
  • Edit Category: Make changes to category name.
  • Delete Category: You can permanently delete a category.
  • Topic Name: Clicking the topic name will allow you to edit. We list out ALL topics in this area. Topics are also accessible in each category. 
  • Edit Topic: Make changes to topic.
  • Delete Topic: You can permanently delete a topic.
  • Always make sure to Save your changes.