Admin Accounts and Permission Levels

How to edit, create and delete admin accounts.

In this guide, we will explain each permission level and how to edit, delete, and add new admin accounts. For Permission Levels that forbid store creation, the button will appear but will remain inactive. 

  • Store Manager - Lowest level user permission, single-store access to web store settings. (Store Managers do not have the ability to create a new store.)
  • Product Manager - Access to the Products tab and web store settings. (Product Managers do not have the ability to create a new store.) 
  • Store & Product Creator - This role is intended for Store creation, decoration, and management as well as giving full access to the Products tab in the Admin Portal.
  • Fulfillment Store Printer - This Level grants access to the Legacy Order Manager (soon to be depreciated), Artwork tab, and Reports   (Fulfillment Store Printers do not have the ability to create a new store.)
  • Fulfillment Store Manager - Access to every part of the Admin Portal, including InkSoft Core, except the global Settings tab. Access to Proposals, but cannot create new Proposals or view the details on existing Proposals (Fulfillment Store Managers can create a new store.)
  • Fulfillment Store Admin - Highest level user permission, access to every part of the Admin Portal. (Fulfillment Store Admins can create Stores and Proposals, as well as view the details and edit existing Proposals.)
WARNING: InkSoft does not assume responsibility for deleted data, deleted stores, or inappropriate/unwanted activity due to misuse of admin control by a user. Please be prudent giving administrative access to your Account. If you ever have questions about which permission level your employees/users should have, please contact the Success Squad. 
Store Manager Permission Level
  • The Store Manager permission level is the lowest possible user permission. A Store Manager can only access the assigned webstore's layout and design settings as seen below. This permission level is suitable for employees assigned to control a specific webstore's layout and design.

Note: Store Managers do not have the ability to create a new store.



Product Manager Permission
  • The Product Manager admin permission provides all permissions from the Store Manager level PLUS  the ability to add/edit products and edit product pricing (not Print pricing).

Note: Product Managers do not have the ability to create a new store.



Store & Product Creator

  • This permission level allows access to the Dashboard, Products tab, WebStores tab as well the Store's tabs which include Storefront, Store Admin and Style Editor.




Fulfillment Store Printer Permission

  • This permission level provides access to Reports, the Order Manager, and Customer Saved Art for production purposes and fulfilling orders.

Note: Fulfillment Store Printers do not have the ability to create a new store.


Fulfillment Store Manager Permission
  • This permission provides access to all features and functions EXCEPT for global controls located in the "Settings" tab. This user can add/edit products, determine print pricing, add/edit/view artwork, and have access to the Order Manager to fulfill orders. They cannot see or change Settings that pertain to other Admin accounts, Cart Settings, Payment Processors, or Taxation (as well as a few other global settings).

Note: Fulfillment Store Managers can create a new store.



Fulfillment Store Admin Permission

The Fulfillment Store Admin is the highest level of permission and provides access to all InkSoft features and functions (including Settings).

With access to Settings (global), the Fulfillment Store Admin permission level has access to the following:

  • Creation of new Admin users
  • Editing and deleting Admin Users
  • Adjusting Shipping
  • Payment Processors
  • Cart Settings
  • Taxation
  • Additional Options

Note: Fulfillment Store Admins can create a new store.



Adding a New Admin

To add a new admin and set their permission level:

  • Click Settings
  • Contact & Admin Accounts
  • Open the 2nd accordion - Admin Accounts
  • Click Add New User


  • Select the web store you wish to assign the user to (the default will always be your primary InkSoft store)
  • Enter the email address of the admin (required). This will be the username of the new account, for login purposes
  • Enter the first/last name (required).
  • Select the desired permission level from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Save button to complete the process, an email will be sent to the new admin's email address upon creation, with a temporary password.


Editing/Deleting Admin Accounts

To edit and/or delete an existing admin account:

  • Click Settings
  • Contact & Admin Accounts
  • Admin Accounts
  • Click the name of the admin you wish to access/edit.
  • Login On As: Clicking the key will allow you to login as the selected admin.
  • Delete: Click the trash/delete icon to reveal a secondary delete option -- this secondary delete is to confirm your choice. This action is permanent/irreversible and will delete any data/art/orders associated with their account.