Account Contact

Edit your Account Information Under Contact & Admin Accounts

Account Contact
  • Hover over Settings
  • Click Contact & Admin Accounts


Account Contact

You have to ability to Edit the main contact information here. 

This information is the default for: 

  • Order Emails
  • Sales Receipts 
  • General Contact Information on your webstore

You can adjust this on a Web Store level by heading to Web Stores > Edit: Store > Store Info & Contact.

Web Store Settings


Noreply Email Address

  • This allows your to control what the email address automated emails generated from the system show as
  • If someone does reply to an email sent from your Noreply email address, that email will be sent to your Sales Email


Admin Accounts

There are a number of permission levels a specific Admin can have. Click the button below to see the different permissions you can give, as well as, how to create an Admin Account.

Permission Levels