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Setting up Preferences in InkSoft Embedded Payments

How to set up your deposit notifications, change your bank account, and opt-in to ACH from Payment Preferences.

To get started, click the Payments section in your InkSoft sidebar. This should take you to the Payment Preferences page in InkSoft.

Once on this page, you can:

  1. Change your bank account
  2. Adjust your daily deposit notifications
  3. Opt-in to ACH in Orders & Proposals

Change your bank account

Plaid is a widely used, secure, and trusted third party service that handles the validation and linking of bank accounts. By using Plaid, you will minimize any banking errors, since Plaid is able to validate that the account you are entering exists.

Since Plaid doesn’t have agreements with all banks, there’s a chance that your bank is unsupported through Plaid. If this is the case, simply click the link in “Click here to link your bank account manually” located at the bottom of the fourth step. This is also a secure method of linking your bank account, but it is unable to validate the existence of the account, so please be sure to enter your information accurately.

Adjust your daily deposit notifications

In this section, you can add or remove email addresses from the list of deposit notification recipients. To add an email address, simply click “Add Email Address” and enter the desired recipient in the field. To remove an email address, simply click the trash icon to the right of the desired email address.

Opt-in to ACH in Orders and Proposals

In this section, you can opt-in to allow ACH. Enabling this option will add ACH as an additional option when checking out on Orders and Proposals.

ACH is a common alternative to credit card payments that allows your customers to initiate payments from their bank account, rather than from their credit card balance. Read more about ACH.