Quickly access your stores via the Global Navigation Drawer

Accessing Stores

From the Global Navigation Drawer on the left, select 'Stores'.

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Stores provides:

Active: These are your active online stores. Active stores are publicly available and can process orders.

Inactive: These are your inactive online stores. Inactive stores are turned off and will not process orders.

+Store: Will open the new store creator.

Web Stores: Will direct you to your older online stores created in InkSoft's legacy online store platform.

Other useful features:

You can click on a store name to visit the store.

Created date: Date the store was generated.

End date: Displays the end date of an online store if established in the store settings.

Active products: Number of active products in the store

Goal progress: If the store has fundraising enabled, the fundraising goal will display here.

Store controls: Clicking the edit icon will reveal some additional controls.

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