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Store Creation Services

Let us build your stores for you!

InkSoft stores are the absolute best way for you and your customers to sell and purchase products from you. It can be difficult to keep up with store creations, talking and building new cliental and the day to day within your shop! 

We now have the solution for you! 

As an InkSoft customer you now have the ability to submit your criteria and have this store built for you at very competitive rates. 

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Store Creator

Head to https://inksoft.pixelshive.com/

  • Sign In to your existing account
  • Click Order Now to view ALL services 


Art Services 

Our Virtual Art Team has a number of services you can choose from! 

  • Click Store Creator


Store Type

  • Basic Store - $29.99 (Store Creation & 1 Pre-Decorated Product)
  • Advanced Store - $54.99 (Store Creation, 5 Pre-Decorated Products & 1 Marketing Banner)
  • Professional Store - $79.99 (Store Creation, 10 Pre-Decorated Products & 1 Marketing Banner)

Sign In OR Log In

Enter your information to create an account with InkSoft's Virtual Art Team. 

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Store Information

  • Enter your stores criteria


  • Upload Store Logo (This will be the logo shown on the store we will be building)
Size: Minimum height: 100px, but a higher resolution logo will look better!
Supported files: png, jpg, gif, svg.


  • Upload Designs
  • Click Next

Our Virtual Art Team will vectorize your artwork for an additional $7.00 per asset.


Product Settings & Pricing

  • Select Taxable or Tax Exempt for your stores products
  • Click Add Product to upload product info


Fill out the form to add products

  • Sku/Item Number*
  • Product Name
  • Supplier Name*
  • Manufacturer Name*
  • Available Garment Colors*
  • Designs*
  • Print Area*
  • Custom Printable Area
  • Sizes
  • Customer Price
  • Additional Notes
  • Image Upload - if you already have the products mocked up (optional)

Click Save.





Marketing Material

Fill out the form to add a banner to your store

  • Title 
  • Text (Optional)
  • Create Background (Optional)
  • Upload Background Image (Optional)
  • Button Name 
  • Button URL Link
  • Notes (This is key in describing what you want the banner to look like. Make sure to include colors, inspirational ideas and anything to describe what you want this banner to look like.)

Click Save.



Contact Information

Who will customers contact when they need help? 

  • Company/Organization Name
  • Full Name* 
  • Address*
  • Country* 
  • State* 
  • City*
  • Zip Code* 
  • Email* 
  • Phone* 
  • Fax
  • Check Show This Location on Google Maps (Optional)
  • Check Mark as Default (Optional)


Production Schedule

Is this store going to print and/or produce orders on-demand? OR are you planning/producing all of the orders on a fixed date in the future?

  • Choose Production Type  (IF you choose on Demand Skip Next Step)
  • Choose Expected Production Date
  • Click Next


Shipping Methods 

Do you want to add shipping methods to this store

  • Select Yes 
  • Select No (Skip and move onto pickup options)

If you choose yes, you will be prompted to select multiple options for integrated shipping. You will also have the ability to enter a custom shipping method.



Pickup Locations

Do you want to create a pickup location for this store?

  • Location Name* 
  • Address*
  • Country* 
  • State*
  • Zip Code*
  • Processing Time*
  • Pick Up Details/ Instructions

Click Save.


Checkout Settings 

Let's set up your customer checkout experience

  • Customer Payment* (Required, Optional or Disabled)
  • Accept Purchase Orders 
  • Purchase Order (PO) Attachments
  • Allow Customers to Add Gift Message


Custom Checkout Fields 

Do you need to collect any additional information from customers for this store?

  • Field Type*
  • Field Label*
  • Field Instructions
  • Make this Field Required to Checkout

Click Save.


Store Notifications

Does this store have employees, business partners, sales reps or other non-customers who need to stay in the loop? 

Add them here to automatically notify them of orders and shipping updates via email.

  • Email Address*
  • Instant Order 
  • Daily Summary 
  • Shipping 
  • Contact Us

Social Media

Make social sharing easier for your customers by displaying social share buttons throughout your store.

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus 
  • Pinterest 
  • YouTube

Click Next.


Store Policies

Keep your customers informed by providing easy to understand store policies on important topics like product returns, information privacy and delivery expectations. 

Create policies that impute confidence and trust. HINT: the more details you provide your customers here, the less likely they will be calling you!

  • Terms of Use 
  • Privacy Policy
  • Thank You Message
  • Packing Slip Footer 

Click Submit.



Enter your credit card information to pay for your store creation. 

Looking for a breakdown of your purchase? Click on the 'i' Icon within Review your Order to see your price breakdown. 

  • Click Checkout


You have finished the store submission process! We are on it! Give us about 3 to 5 days to finish your store creation. 

If you have any further questions about your order, feel free to shoot us an email at support@pixelshive.com.