Store Product Creation & Management

Pricing and Styles (RPC)

Edit your pricing and styles after building products thru Rapid Product Creator

Pricing & Styles

After creating product(s) through Rapid Product Creator, you have the ability to edit each individual product's Pricing & Styles.

Pricing Options

Set up your pricing/inventory settings for your product.

Note: Being that this is a pre-decorated product, Fixed Price is the most common pricing method that is used



Product Styles 

Edit per the style of the product (Active Sizes, Deactivate, Delete, Add More Product Styles)

  • Click Edit Pencil - this will allow you to price per size, style and store.


Note: You will also be able to change the colorway on an individual style, as long as you have a colorway already created.



Edit Design and Styles

Allows you to re-create artwork post creation. You will be able to: 

  • Upload new art assets
  • Create additional colorways
  • Add previously uploaded artwork
  • Change location of the artwork (i.e. Full Front to Left Chest)


NOTE: Your design can not be edited once an order with this product has been placed.



Bulk Actions 

  • Check the box(s) to the left of the product icons
  • Click Edit Pencil 


You will receive the following bulk options: 

  • Mark as Active 
  • Mark as Inactive
  • Set Colorway

NOTE: If you don't have a Colorway created, this will NOT show.

  • Override Supplier Cost
  • Remove Supplier Cost Overrides
  • Override Price
  • Remove Price Overrides 
  • Sale Override Price
  • Remove Sale



Your advanced settings allow you to configure Taxation, SEO, Google Product Feed and much more!

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