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Personalization (RPC)

Add custom personalization options after building products thru Rapid Product Creator


Custom Personalization Fields

  • Click Add Custom Fields - Allows you to gather further information per the product.
Create Custom Personalization Field
  • Text Entry Box - allows your shoppers to type in their answer
  • Multiple Choice Dropdown - allows your shopper to choose from the selection you offer
  • Mark this field required to add to cart - will force your shopper to select from the drop down or type in their entry. 
  • Field Price - if your field is NOT required you can tack on an additional price.
  • Field Label - this is your personalization heading. This gives some clarification as to what your personalization is all about.
  • Field Instructions - gives you the opportunity to further clarify what needs to happen and why with your personalization field.
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NOTE: If you Require your custom field you will not be given the option to add a Price. Make sure to add that additional price within your products price. 

Use Case Scenarios:

Below are scenarios to give you some ideas of how you can utilize this feature: 

  • Product Bundling - Your Field Label and Instructions represent the item. Using Multiple Choice Dropdown, you will enter the sizes for your item. (See Image Below)
  • Gift with Purchase - Adding a product on for free with a purchase of another. Using Multiple Choice Dropdown, you will enter the size of the 'free' item.
  • Secondary Design Selection - Your thumbnail design on the product is a generic/basic design but will change per sports team or department. Using the Multiple Choice Dropdown, you will enter the list of teams or departments. 
  • Teacher Name or Homeroom Number - using either multiple choice drop down to add the teachers names or homeroom numbers OR allow for the text entry field.
  • Add On Product - add on a product for an additional price. (i.e. badge, glitter option, gift wrap, accessory etc.)
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IMPORTANT: You have a 5 field Max for this feature. 

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