Store Product Creation & Management

Managing Product Catalog

Build and manage your product list in Stores

Product Catalog gives you the ability to sort your products into categories for you shoppers! 

Product Catalog

  • Click Store Admin
  • Click Store Products

Add Products to Your Store

  • Add Existing - Allows you to add products you already have created within your Admin Portal

NOTE: You can create Pre Decorated Products using the Design Studio within the admin portal. 

  • Create New (Recommended) - Use Rapid Product Creator to quickly create Pre Decorated Products

Rapid Product Creator


Add Existing Products (Global Products)

Pre Decorated Products that are active within your Admin Portal (Products > Manage Products) will show in your listing. 

  • Click the Product you want to select
  • Selected Products will show the added product
  • Click 'X' to Remove Products from selection
  • Click Done to add to your product catalog list

Store Products

Products will automatically add into your catalog and be available for your shoppers. To add your products to a category, edit pricing or configure personalization: 

Continue to Edit Products


Edit Catalog List Name

Your store catalog list will automatically pull through with the name of 'Products'. To Edit the name that will be shown to your shopper: 

  •  Click Style Editor
  • Hover over your Header
  • Click Edit

  • Change Catalog Link Text

Product List Component

To add featured products on your main page, you will want to use your Product Component.

Product Component