Store Product Creation & Management

General (RPC)

Edit your general settings after building products thru Rapid Product Creator


  • Default Color -  Use the dropdown to change the first color your shoppers will see for this product
  • Sort Order - Drag and drop your product images to arrange the sort order shown to your shoppers 
  • Disable Side(s) - Uncheck the boxes next to the image side to remove from store front.

  • Details - Information that is pulled via the Supplier Feed and can be edited

       - Product Name
       - Product Description
       - Store Search Tags
       - Manufacturer
       - Manufacturer SKU
       - Supplier
       - Product SKU
       - Category 


  • Available Sizes - Select sizes you would like to be shown for each active color style

NOTE: Use the drag and drop icon to change the sort order of your sizes


  • Size Chart Label allows you to change the button name of your size chart showing to your shoppers
  • Size Chart Image/File allows you to override the manufacturer size chart within your admin portal. Giving you the ability to load product specific size charts. 

Supported File Types: PDF, PNG, JPG


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