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Embroidery in RPC

Embroidery using Rapid Product Creator

Accounting for 85% of the decoration business, Embroidery is by far the leading method today! Embroidery is a combination of physics and skilled artistry. 

We have added Embroidery into our Rapid Product Creator to help you easily build embroidered pre designed products. Making it faster to sell online!


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Rapid Product Creator

InkSoft Embroidery

Rapid Product Creator now supports embroidery files and Colorway creation. We will be adding more embroidery features based on your feedback. 

Embroidery Setting

You can find this setting under: 

  • Hover over Pricing
  • Click Pricing Options


  • Click Printing Capabilities
  • Check the box next to Embroidery


Store Build

Our Rapid Product Creator is directly linked to the store itself. Need to create a Store?

Store Creation

After going through our store creation wizard, you will be able to upload artwork, creating pre decorated products.

Upload Embroidery File
  • Click Store Admin
  • Click Store Art


  • Click Upload Art - to drag and drop or upload your designs to be used
  • Click Upload Embroidery File


Your art has to be digitized prior to upload. If you need assistance with this. Head over to our Virtual Art Team's page to get a quote! 

  • Supported Files: DST
  • Not Supported Files: Wilcom Files (.EMB) due to licensing
  • Maximum Upload File Size: 25 MB

Virtual Art Team



Color Mapping

Your file will pull through colorless. Click 'Select Color' to colorize the objects within your embroidery file to complete the file upload



You have 3 options for colorizing: 

  • Thread (Madeira, Isacord, Gunold, & Robison-Anton)
  • Ink (Normal Color Palettes)
  • Custom (Color Picker or Hex Entry)

Thread Libraries



  • Click Upload
  • Click the Gear
  • Click Manage Colorways - Add different color variants to use for your products.


Manage Colorways

Colorways allow you to quickly add different color variants to be used for your products. (i.e. Black logo on a white shirt, white logo on a black shirt.)



Product Creation (Using RPC)

Now that we have our artwork uploaded, lets create some products! 

  • Click on Product Tag
  • Click Create New


Select a Product
  • Search Bar - Enter sku or name to find a specific product 
  • Category - Filter by a category you have set
  • Filter By - Filter by Supplier, Manufacturer, etc.
  • Sort By - Product Cost or Product Name 


Add Artwork to Product
  • Add Color will allow you to add more garment colors
  • Click on the Stitch File you want to add to the product
  • Click View Colorways to add different color variants 

(i.e. Black logo on a white shirt, white logo on a black shirt.)




Due to size output for digitized files, you will NOT have controls to scale an embroidered art asset. You will however be able to nudge your file from left to right & up or down. 

Your print regions are extremely important when utilizing Embroidery through RPC. It will take the exact dimensions you have entered (i.e. 4x4), placing the artwork in the center. 

If your print region is off, the quickest way to resolve the issue is by clicking on the pencil icon that shows below the product pictured below.

This will load the Edit Print Regions popup, where you can make adjustments to your region so the artwork applies properly. 

image (4)

Notes on Edit Print Region:

1) If the artwork is appearing too small, you will need to scale the Print Region down (Example: Adjust the height from 16.25 inches down to 14), if the artwork appears too large, you will need to scale the Print Region up (Example: adjust the height from 16.25 inches up to 18). 

2) Be cautious with these kinds of edits if you are working on a product you offer in the Designer, as changes to your print region made here will have a permanent affect on the blank item.

The alternative to using our Edit Print Region popup is to go into the blank product to resolve the issue (Admin Portal > Products > Manage Products > Edit product > Print Regions).

Product Details

Will allow you to make any changes/ edits prior to saving your pre decorated product. 



Looking to make some final edits per product style?? Edit Products

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