Store Product Creation & Management

Advanced (RPC)

Configure the Advanced options for your RPC products

After creating products using the Rapid Product Creator, you have a series of options available in your Advanced tab when editing the product. You are able to establish product Minimums, configure SEO criteria, mark a product Tax Exempt, and more. 

Processing Time

Here you can set up specific a processing time on an individual product that you know is going to take a bit longer to produce. This would be a product-level override of the standard production time that is determined by your delivery methods, if greater.


The shopper will be able to see the typical availability for the specific product within the product details page. This might help them understand that one or more of their products might take longer to ship.

NOTE: The longest processing time in an order will display to the customer. Processing time is displayed in Business Days.


You have the ability to enter product minimums per order or per color/style. This will force your shopper to purchase the allotted amount or more within your check out.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Default SEO criteria should already be available for the product, provided the product was created from one of your integrated supplier catalog blank products. This section allows you to edit/update the original data if you choose. You can edit the product's: 

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Keywords

Tax Options

Here you can determine product-level Taxation settings. 

DISCLAIMER: InkSoft is not able to provide taxation recommendations (for liability reasons). Please consult with a tax professional to be certain you are operating under your jurisdictional tax rules and regulations.


  • Tax Exempt (No/Yes)
  • Product Tax Category - Our TaxJar integration allows you to easily assign specific Tax Categories to products to determine how they will be taxed.  As an example: some areas may tax differently for Youth apparel. You can use Tax Categories to be sure that the appropriate tax would be applied in that situation. Click the 'View Tax Category List' link to see a list of all TaxJar Tax Categories.


NOTE: If your account does not yet have the SalesDoc update, you may also have a Harmonized System Codes setting. If you need to use this option and do not know the the specific Harmonized System Code for your product, click here to see a list of available codes. The list is provided by the United States International Trade Commission website. This site has the current edition of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, allowing you to find the code you need. For any other questions about this option, please reach out to Support.

Google Product Feed

Google Data feed is a file made up of a list of products which use groupings of attributes that define each one of your products in a unique way. 

Attributes, such as 'condition' and 'availability', can have standardized values, or accepted "answers," or attributes can be open to fill with your own choice of value, such as 'id' or 'title'. 

  • Check Yes, include in product feeds
  • Google Product Category - Categorizing your product helps ensure that your ad is shown with the right search results.
  • Google Product Description - Use specifications to format your product information for Shopping ads
  • Gender - Select the gender of the product (i.e. men, woman, unisex)
  • Age Group - Select the age group of the product (i.e. Adult or Child)

To learn more about Google Product Feeds and get information on how you might need to configure your product, click here.

To learn how to download a Google Product Feed for your products in InkSoft, click here.

Product GTIN/UPC

You will also see information regarding GTIN/UPC Codes. GTIN is a globally unique number used to identify your products. This information should automatically be included with any product that is added from our integrated Supplier Catalogs (supplier feeds).



PRO TIP: When you are done making changes to your product, always make sure to click Save & Publish in the top-right corner of the page to ensure you don't lose any of your work!