Testimonials Component

Gain trust, legitimacy and credibility through testimonials

Testimonials are a great endorsement of your business. Utilize this component to gain that trust, integrity and reliability through your InkSoft online stores!

Add Component

  • Click Style Editor


  • Click Blue Plus Sign (+) on the bottom right


  • Scroll to select Testimonial
  • You have 4 Layouts to choose from.

Note: You can add as many testimonial components as you'd like.



Component Settings 

  • Edit - allows you to edit the look and feel of the component (This will slide out on the left of your screen.)
  • Add Background Color for accent
  • Heading/Sub-Heading to add messaging for this section 
  • Upload a Background Image to add some texture. Consider adding an opacity to your image making the surroundings subtle enough to not taking away from your endorsers. (Recommended Size: 3000px X 1000px)

Add Sponsors/ Endorsers

  • Upload Image can be anything from a person's photo or a company logo
  • Name (Optional)
  • Company Name/Company Link (Optional), you will have the option to Open the Link in a New Tab, if you leave that box unchecked, clicking the link will redirect to the linked page.
  • Quote your Sponsor/Endorser 

NOTE: You can drag and drop to change the sort order. You can also add as many to one page, allowing your shoppers to scroll through your list.