Product Display Settings

Remove Sku/ Manufacturer throughout your entire store, choose the Default Sort Order for your products, and Display Available Inventory. This is located under Store Admin > Store Settings > Product Display Settings.

Control how your products are presented to shoppers. The settings below will impact the featured product component, product catalog, product details page, shopping cart, check out and thank you page. 

Product Display Settings 

  • Click Store Admin
  • Click Store Settings (Gear Icon)
  • Select Product Display Settings 
  • Check/Uncheck Display Manufacturer
  • Check/Uncheck Display Sku
  • Choose your Default Sort Order
  • Click Save & Publish 

Show Available Inventory/Inventory Threshold

Display what you have left in stock to your customers so they know they need to place their order before they miss their chance! 

  • Once you toggle Show Available Inventory On, you can use Show Inventory Threshold to choose at what point you want the Store to display your inventory to your shoppers.