Hero Space (Banner) Component

Upload Custom Marketing Images to Highlight Your Store



Our Hero Space/Banner component is perfect for the custom marketing images you want to highlight on your store. Unlike our Slideshow component, which is meant for background images, the Hero Space/Banner component will always keep the entire uploaded image in view regardless of screen size.

If you have a background image that you would like to add text or a button, try our Slideshow component: SlideShow Component

Add Component

  • Click Style Editor


  • Click Blue Plus Sign (+) on the bottom right


  • Scroll down to Hero Space/Banner Component

You have 2 Layouts to choose from: 

  • Layout 1
  • Layout 2

Note: You can add as many Hero Space/Banner components as you'd like



Component Settings 

  • Edit - allows you to edit the look and feel of the component (This will slide out on the left of your screen.)
  • Upload Image - Upload your Hero Space Banner
  • Link - Link your banner to a specific webpage, you will have the option to Open the Link in a New Tab, if you leave that box unchecked, clicking the link will redirect to the linked page.

NOTE: When linking to a URL (webpage), make sure to include the entire url address, including the http:// or https://. Example: https://www.inksoft.com/


  • Recommended Size: 2400px X 800px
  • Recommended File Type: PNG, JPG, SVG


Shoppers View (Tablet View)

Moving from Desktop > Tablet > Mobile - Your banners' text will never cut off to your shoppers.