Featured Products Component

Add Featured Products to your store's home page.

The Featured Products component allows you to add a selection of products you want to be shown on your main page. 

Add Component

  • Click Style Editor

  • Click Blue Plus Sign (+) on the bottom right

  • Scroll to select Featured Products

You have 4 Layouts to choose from: 

  • Layout 1 features 1 Product
  • Layout 2 features 2 Products
  • Layout 3 features 3 Products
  • Layout 4 Features 4 Products 

Note: You can add as many product list components as you'd like

Add Products

  • Hover over the added product component

You will have 3 options

  • Edit - allows you to edit the look and feel of the component (This will slide out on the left of your screen.)

  • Manage Products - allows you to select your featured product
  • Click Blue Circle Plus Sign (+) to select product
  • Click product to drag and drop for a specific order
  • Click Done

  • Red Trash Can - Allows you to delete the component all together

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