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Step 8: Pickup Locations (Optional)

Do you want to create a pickup location for this store?

About Pickup Locations

  • Creating Pickup Locations is an optional step.
  • Customers can choose a pickup location in when checking out.
  • Giving your local customers the option for pickup can boost conversion
  • This feature is useful for stores and selling opportunity where customers should pickup finished products.
  • You can create unlimited pickup locations and control the order in which they display. 

Creating a New Pickup Location

Complete the fields in the modal window. You can always edit this information. 

  • Location Name
  • Address 
  • Pick Up Availability (3 options to choose from):
    1. On Demand (This will calculate with your production schedule)
    2. Set Pick Up Date (This will override Production Schedule)
    3. Set Pick Up Date Range (This will override Production Schedule)
  • Processing time (for On Demand)
  • Click Create
Note: Be clear and concise. Set proper expectations so customers understand how and when finished goods will be available for pickup. 

Pick Availability

Pickup Location Created

  • Drag and drop to sort multiple pickup locations 
  • Edit or remove a pickup location

  • Click Next to Proceed to Check Out Settings

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