Store Builder Steps and Settings

Step 7: Shipping Methods (Optional)

Do you want to add shipping methods to this store?


Select 'Yes' if you want to add a Shipping Methods. 

Note: Here you can choose shipping methods that you've already configured. If you wish to create a new shipping option, you may 'Save Progress & Exit' and go to Settings > Shopping Cart Settings > Shipping and create additional methods there.



  • By clicking 'Save these settings as default for future stores', you can have these shipping methods populate when you create your next store.
  • Click the 'Select Shipping Methods' button if you want to add one or more shipping methods in addition to your 'active' defaults. 
  • Click 'Apply' to add a new option to the list of shipping methods to be offered in your new store.

  • Drag and drop the shipping methods to set the order that they appear to customers during checkout.


Select 'No' If you do not want to add Shipping Methods to this store. Don't worry, you can later add shipping methods. 

This will direct you to the next step in the Store Setup Wizard, Pickup Locations.

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