Store Builder Steps and Settings

Step 14: Domain Settings (Optional)

Do you have a custom domain name for this store?

About Domain Settings

You have two options for store domain name (URL). 

Use your main domain name + Store name

This is defaulted and is the most common usage. 


Use a Custom Domain

By entering in your Custom domain name, it would override the main fulfillment domain linked to your InkSoft account.


When you enter a Custom Domain and click "Next" you will be prompted with a pop-up message which explains the additional configurations that are required for your custom domain name. This includes completing DNS configuration both in InkSoft and with your domain provider. You may do this via CNAME or DNS A Record.

Point your domain name to either:

  • CNAME:
  • DNS A Record: if CNAME is not possible.

Click 'Okay, I got it' to move on to the next step in the Store Setup Wizard; Store SSL. You may also Copy, or Email the Configuration and SSL information to yourself or others in your business.

Note: We recommend purchasing a Custom Domain name with a domain provider in advance of this step. If you do not own a custom domain at this time, you can configure this step later. Click here to view the training guide for Setting up your Domain Name.

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