Create a New Store using the Store Builder

Step-by-step overview of InkSoft's online store builder.

Create New Store

From the main navigation, hover your mouse over 'Web Stores' and select the 'Create New' button.

Create New Store

We strongly encourage the use of our new store platform. Click 'Create'  to launch the store creation process. 

Store Builder

The store builder will guide you through the store creation process step-by-step.

Note: Many steps are optional, or can be skipped. Once a store is created, you can edit any of these settings from the store Edit Mode > Settings


  • Steps Completed: This shows your progress. You can click to view and dismiss. you can click on a previous step to return and edit. 
  • Exit Setup: After the completing the first step you'll have the ability to exit and save your progress so you can return later.
    Help: Click to view a helpful video and guide for this stage. This will open in a new browser tab so you can toggle back and forth.