Store Product Creation & Management

Edit Product (RPC)

Edit products after using Rapid Product Creator

Active Products

  • Click Store Admin
  • Click Products


Click on the Filter List Icon to refine your product search.
Selection includes: 

  • Category/Uncategorized
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Origin (Legacy vs. RPC)

Bulk Actions

  • Check boxes next to products for individual selection
  • Select All Products (every product you have active)
  • Select Current Page (If you have more than 1 page of products, you can select the page of products you are on.)

Bulk Action Selection

NOTE: Bulk Actions are for RPC created products ONLY.

Click on 'More Actions' (3 dots Icon) to receive the following selection:

  • Assign To Category
  • Add Custom Size Chart
  • Taxable 
  • Tax Exempt
  • Mark as Inactive
  • Delete Product 

Categorize Product (Individually)

Select category dropdown to assign product to a category. 

Edit Product

The entire line of the product is clickable. This will take you into the individual product to change its settings.

  • Click 'More Actions' next to the product (3 dots Icon) 
  • Click Edit Product - Edit/ Add Product Description, Sizes, Personalization, etc.

Other Options:
    - Mark as Inactive - Will move your product to an Inactive state
    - Delete Product - Remove Product from the store completely

Edit Product

Here you will have 4 Tabs: 

  • General
  • Personalization
  • Pricing & Styles
  • Advanced

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