Request Payment

Learn how to Request Payment from your customer on an order that has a remaining balance due

As long as you have a payment processor configured on your account, you can now send a payment request to your customer directly from the order details of their order! The customer will then be able to make a credit card payment for the order on their end. Note: this feature is not available with PayPal Express, if you currently only use their processor, we would recommend adding Stripe as well so you can use this feature!

To get started, click on the order number to view the order details. If your order has a remaining balance due and you have a compatible payment processor configured, you will now have an option to Request Payment:



NOTE: If you don't have any payment processor configured, you will not be able to use the Request Payment feature. If there is no remaining balance due, the Request Payment button is disabled altogether.


The Request Payment window will display:

  • To - The email address for the contact tied to the order.
  • CC - You can choose to send a copy of the payment request email to additional people.
  • Message - You can choose to add a custom message to the payment request email.



If you would like to receive an email notification once the payment has been made, check the box for the "Send email notification upon payment". You will then be able to remove or add to the default email address that shows for this notification:




When you're ready, you can click SEND EMAIL.

The customer will then receive an email with the Payment Request for their invoice. They can click on the "View Invoice" button to see their order and make the payment:




When viewing the invoice they will have an option to:

  • Download PDF
  • Print


When the customer proceeds to Pay, they will be taken to a payment screen much like what they would see in a Proposal. Here they can pay the total balance due with a credit card:


NOTE: The customer will not have an option to pay a deposit, only the payment in full - however, you can always manually Add Payment to the order as an admin to help with this. Click Here to learn more about the Order Details and the Add Payment option.