Sales Report

The Sales Report will display all transaction information for completed and in progress orders.

Getting Started

  • Click on Reports
  • Expand on Orders Reports
  • Click to select the Sales Report
  • Select your date range
  • Choose to include canceled, completed or only completed orders (This is optional)
  • Choose your store(s)

Report Type Options

  • Sales Summary - Will include subtotal, rush fee (if applicable), amount processed, store commission (if applicable).
  • Sales Detail - Includes subtotal, shipping total, discount total, tax total and tax rate.
  • Sales Payments - Includes the subtotal, payment amount, payment type including processor and the last four digits of the customer's credit card.
  • Sales Shipping - Includes the subtotal and shipment count
  • Sales Status - Includes the subtotal and stage the order is in within the Order Manager
  • Choose your output type, either HTML (opens a new tab in your browser) or Microsoft Excel (exports to Excel for further sorting and editing)
  •  Click on Run Report

Report Output Example: HTML

This an example of the Sales Summary report type