Product Ordering Report

How to pull your product ordering report for easy ordering of your blank products.

The Product Ordering Report is used to generate a consolidated list of products that are in the order stage of the Order Manager.

You have three options to pull your Product Ordering Report: 

Simple Report by Product SKU: A simple report that shows Store(s), SKU, Mfr SKU, Product Name, Color, Size, and Qty.

Detailed Report by Manufacturer SKU: This detailed report will show the Store(s), Order Number (if desired), SKU, Mfr SKU, Mfr Size SKU, UPC/GTIN, Product Name, Color, Size, and Qty.

New Simple Reports | Simple Product Ordering Report: Our newest report, it will output the information as a CSV file. Click here to learn more!

Note: In order to run this report the orders MUST be in the 'Order' stage of the Order Manager. 

Getting Started 

  • Hover over 'Reports'
  • Click 'Product Ordering Report'
  • Click on your desired report option

Report Parameters

  • Select Start and End Dates
  • Select the Store(s)
  • Choose to include order number (only available on the detailed report option)
  • Choose an Output Type, HTML or Microsoft Excel
  • Click Run Report