Orders Report

How to access and pull the orders report for all front end orders

The Orders Report contains a wealth of information for orders placed on the front end and is a great report to get familiar with. 

You are able to pull this report in a summary version or in a more detailed view, depending on your needs. You also have the ability to include completed, in progress or cancelled orders.

Getting Started

  • Hover over 'Reports'
  • Click to 'Orders Report'
  • Click 'Orders Report'

Orders Summary Report Parameters

  • Starting and Ending Dates: Choose your report dates based on the date the orders were placed.
  • Include Cancelled/Completed Orders: The option to include orders that were cancelled or have been moved to complete and are no longer in the order manager.
  • Store: Select the applicable store from the drop down, you can pull this report for multiple stores at once and the data will be grouped by store.

Order Detail Report Options

The options below are optional and will display on the 'Order Detail' version of the report.

  • Display User Information: Will include user first and last name and email.
  • Display Shipping Information: Will include shipping information including ship to name and address.
  • Display Custom Checkout Fields: Will include custom checkout field data. Note this only applies to our new Stores.
  • Display Product Cost and Pricing Information: Will include cost, price, print price, print set up and profit at the product level.
  • Display Product Information: Will include product information, including product name, color, manufacturer, supplier and sku.
  • Display links to rendered art: Will include the links to rendered custom artwork. Note this will not apply to pre-decorated products
  • Report Type: Order Summary will give an overview of the information, Order Detail will include all of the above fields. 
  • Output Type: HTML or Excel