New Stores Reporting

Adding Store Commission

How to add store commission on the new Stores platform.

Store Commission is a new feature available on the Stores platform. 

There is also a new report that corresponds with this data, so that you can view/print/or send at the end of a production cycle or campaign.

Navigating to Store Commission

First, navigate to the store you wish to add commission to.

Once you are logged in:

  • Click on Edit Mode
  •  Click on Settings
  • Click on Store Commission under the E-commerce sub tab within Settings.
  • Choose "On" to enable Store Commission.
  •  Enter the desired commission percentage (%) in the available field.
  • Save & Publish at the top right.

Once commission is set and you have orders in the Completed stage of production, you can view this data in the Store Commission Report.

View the Store Commission Report Guide here.


NOTE: Store commission does not account for sales tax. That is to be collected by the entity.