Design Studio Reporting

Design Metrics Report

The Design Metrics report allows you to see an overview of your front end activity in the Design Studio.

The Design Metrics report allows you to view a total of:

  • Design Studio Sessions - When a customer is in the Design Studio for 5 seconds or longer
  • Saved Designs - Designs saved by the customer in the Design Studio
  • Users - How many users are using the Design Studio  

Note: These are users with accounts on the front end.

  • Uploaded Art - Artwork that was uploaded on the front end
  • Shared Designs - Designs where the customer chose the "Save & Share" option in the Design Studio.
  • Rendered Designs - Designs that were rendered in the Admin Portal

Design Metrics Report Parameters

  • Starting/Ending Date - Choose your date range in this field
  • Stores - Select the store(s) you are wanting to run the report for
  • Report Type - You can choose between a daily breakdown or a monthly breakdown for your data
  • Output Type - This report can be generated in an HTML web page view or be exported as an Excel file

Design Metrics Report - HTML Output Example