CRM Report

How to pull your CRM data out of InkSoft

You can access Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data from your InkSoft Stores.

This report will let you view your customers first and last name, the date of their most recent order, and email and phone number.

Report Selections

  • Show clients: Display clients -- A client is someone who has completed at least one order on the storefront.
  • Show prospect: Display prospects -- a prospect is a user who has created an account in a Web Store and has not yet placed an order.  Note: All Business Tools contacts are considered prospects in our system
  • Sort Options: You can sort by 'Last Name' or by 'Store' for organization purposes.
  • Stores: Filter by Web Store(s)
  • Output Type: Select from HTML or Microsoft Excel as the report export option.
  • Run Report

Report Output Example HTML

Below is an example of the HTML version of the report