Recording Shipments In Bulk

Production has been completed and you are now ready to package and ship your orders.

Ready to Ship

Once all production cards associated with an order are completed, the order will automatically be marked as Ready to Ship. You can also manually mark the order as Ready to Ship.

You will locate these orders under:

  • Orders
  • Click Ready to Ship
Ready to ship

Record Shipment

Any time you have orders to ship or deliver, and you are not purchasing and printing shipping labels through InkSoft, you'll need to manually Record Shipment on those orders to move them to Completed. You can Record Shipment on an individual order, of course, but most of the time you'll be working with multiple orders in the Ready To Ship view.

To Record Shipments in Bulk, select multiple orders one by one, or you can Select All orders at once. Then click Record Shipment.

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You will then have an option to enter a Tracking Number (if you've already shipped the orders and you have tracking information you'd like to add, you can add it here), and you can choose to Notify Customer Via Email that their orders have shipped.

When you're ready, click Submit.

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Shipment notification emails will then go out (if you chose that option), and all of the orders will be moved to Completed.