Ready for Pick Up

Send your shoppers a notification that their order is ready to be picked up!

Production is done! You have printed the packing slips and bagged and tagged each order. You are ready to notify your shoppers that their order is ready to be picked up!

Ready to Pick Up

Once all production cards associated with an order are completed, the order status will automatically be marked as Ready to Pick Up and an email will be sent to your customer. You can also manually mark the order as Ready to Pick Up.

You will locate these orders under:

  • Orders
  • Click Ready to Pick Up
Screencast 2018-11-20 at 3.35.58 PM

Marked as Picked Up

You have the ability to document WHO collected the order so you have it on record. This will also be automatically time-stamped within the order timeline.

  • Check a box or boxes next to the order numbers
  • Click Mark as Picked up
  • Enter Collected by/ Leave a comment
  • Click Record PickUp

Your order(s) has now been fully completed!

Screencast 2018-11-20 at 2.50.32 PM

Mark Order Picked Up within the Order

You have the ability to record the pickup within the order as well.

  • Click the Order Number to get into the order details
  • Click Record PickUp
Record Pick up Order Detail