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Reactivate your InkSoft Account

How to Reactivate your InkSoft Account

If you previously had an account with InkSoft and would like to return, you will want to notify a representative to begin the process of reactivating your account.

How can I contact my representative?

The best point of contact for reactivating your InkSoft account will be the Sales Representative that you worked with during your initial setup. If you are unable to remember what team member you worked with, you can contact InkSoft Support in order to get in touch with a member of the Sales Team. 

What can I expect when reactivating my account?

When you contact InkSoft to reactivate your account, your sales representative will walk you through the entire process. During this, you will be asked about your goals and expectations for using InkSoft, along with new features that have been released. You will also be going over your license and billing.