Organize Proposal Sections & Line items

Add multiple items and sections to your Proposal, then re-arrange them for better organization.

Adding more Items or Sections

Line items you add to your Proposal are organized into Sections. As soon as you add your first line item it will show inside of a section. Give your section a name to organize your items:



After you've added at least one line item, you can then save your Proposal. Click "SAVE PROPOSAL" in the top-right corner. After saving the Proposal, it will go from being a "Draft Proposal" to a "NEW" saved Proposal, and a new Proposal ID number will be assigned:



Continue adding line items and sections (you can add more sections after adding your first line item) to your Proposal. Click the "+" button above or below your first line item to add a new item or section above or below it. Click the "+" button in the bottom-right corner to add a new item or section to the bottom of the Proposal:



After adding multiple line items and sections to the Proposal, use the drag-and-drop functionality to re-order them to better organize the Proposal the way you want. Make sure to save your changes when finished: 



Something to consider doing to increase your communication with your customer is utilizing Custom Line Item Notes. With this text entry field, you are able to append information regarding your items right onto each specific product. This is especially helpful as it is not only visible to your customers on the Proposal, but as well in the Order Manager, Production section and Work Orders:


Finish Proposal Settings & Review