Finish Proposal Settings & Review

Once you're finished building the Proposal with all of your items, it's time to go back to the settings on the left and finish the Proposal configuration.

Payment Details

Choose the Payment Terms for your Proposal:

  • Make the Payment Due In Full Upon Approval
  • No Deposit Required (enter a Balance Due Date)
  • Deposit Required (choose the Deposit Type: Dollar Amount or Percent of Total. Enter a Balance Due Date)
Note: A Salesperson can also use the Payment Details setting to manually ADD PAYMENT to the Proposal for the customer.

Shipping Details

Add a Shipping Method or Pickup option to your Proposal:

  • Choose from one of your integrated shipping accounts and methods to have it calculate a real-time shipping rate based on the weight of your line items.
  • Create a new Pickup Method on the spot for your Proposal
Note: This option is designed to let you add a basic shipping cost to your Proposal. Entering the package details and recording the shipment in order to purchase and print shipping labels is done at the ORDER level.

Display Settings

Options for how your product line items are displayed in the Proposal:

  • Display Manufacturer (toggle ON/OFF)
  • Display SKU (toggle ON/OFF)


Finish Proposal Details & Review

After adding all of your items to the Proposal and finishing up the settings, you can review all of the pricing and make any other necessary edits. Line item prices can be overridden, and Discounts can be added or removed in the Proposal Summary. You can view the Proposal summary below all of your line items:


If everything looks good and you are happy with the Proposal, you can save any final changes/edits, and now you are ready to Send the Proposal to the Customer!