Product Grids (Manage Product)

Product grids allow you to make bulk changes to your products.

When you are working within manage products, you are able to access several product grids.  These allow you to view and change your product information in bulk for inventory, price, cost and more. 
Navigating to your Product Grids

  • Click on Products
  • Click Manage Products
  • Pull up your selected products, clicking the box next to the sku to select the product. 

Choosing your Grid

You have several grid options within the manage products section: 

  • Product Weight Grid - View and adjust your product size weights in bulk.
  • Product Inventory Grid - View and edit your inventory quantities (need to be enforcing inventory for this grid to be applicable). 
  • Product Cost Grid - Override your supplier cost for all sizes and styles.
  • Product Sale Grid - Allows you to set a sale in bulk and assign a start and end date. 
  • Store Override Price Grid - Allows you to set your store specific pricing in bulk.  Note: Store specific pricing would only be used if you offer your blank products at different prices in different stores, a contract printing and retail store, for example. 
  • Product Fixed Price Grid - Adjust your fixed customer price in bulk. 

Once you select the correct grid, click on 'load grid'. This will pull up another tab for you to either edit the product information in, or you can choose to download the CSV file to edit your product details in Excel or Numbers, and upload your edited CSV file.