How to Create a New Signage Product

This feature allows you to create a Signage product manually. You also have the ability to add Signage products from our integrated supplier, Sinalite!

Getting Started

  • Select the Products tab.
  • Click the Add New Products drop down menu.
  • Click New Signage Product.

Once you have clicked on 'New Signage Product', fill in the product information outlined in red:

  • Product Name - This is the public name of the product.
  • Supplier and MFG - You select from the list provided.
  • SKU (Editable store SKU)
  • MFG SKU (Should be what you use to order the product)
  • Shape - Choose the shape that best represents your signage.
    • Square/Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Angled Banner
    • Championship Banner
    • Concave Banner
    • Convex Banner
    • Straight Banner
    • Teardrop Banner
  • Product description
  • Save


  • Select the default product size for the product.
  • Select the Unit of Measurement (ft., m., or in.,)
  • Fill in the size and weight of the product. (Required - Weights are pulled to calculate shipping)
  • Click  the + to add another size to the product.  (Only available for Squares/Rectangles and Circles)
  • Click the trash can to remove a size from the product.
  • Check the box under 'available sides' to enable the back side of the product.
  • Mark the product as active, place it in the appropriate store and category. 

Important Note: 

  1. Signage product sizes act as the Print Region when entering the designer. You will see a cut and bleed line through the designer(1/4 in. between).
  2. Unit of Measurement (ft, m, and in.) can be changed for scalable shapes such as Squares/Rectangles and Circles.
  3. Certain shapes and their sizes are predetermined to ensure that the product's shape is shown accurately within the Designer.
    1. Angled: 55x5x200, 60x260, 80x390
    2. Champion: 48x72, 48x96
    3. Circle: Any
    4. Concave: 55x200, 60x260, 80x340, 8x390
    5. Convex: 55x200, 60x260, 80x340, 80x390
    6. Rectangle: Any
    7. Straight: 55x200, 60x260, 80x340, 80x450
    8. Teardrop: 110x265, 120x360, 75x170, 95x205

General Tab Continued

Many of the settings for Signage Products are very similar to regular blank products. Some things to mention...

  • Include Grommets: Enabling this checkbox will not ask your shopper if they would like to include them or not. Pricing of grommets should be considered when calculating total price of the product.
  • Set the maximum colors that can be printed on this product.
  • Set the product minimums per order.

Colors & Images

  • Add the name of the color.
  • Mark the color as 'active'
  • Add a Hex value for the primary color (the secondary color is optional).
  • Click on the blue 'upload' button to upload your product image. Please note: The image file should be sized at 500x500 pixels and should be a PNG file.
  • Click 'Add New Color' if you need to add in another color option.
  • Save your changes!
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 10.13.35 AM

Pricing Tab

All Signage product pricing is set at the individual product level or through a bulk price upload. They do not associate with print pricing grids - the price associated with the product will be all inclusive.

  • Set Base Product Cost: Set the cost of your product by using a fixed price or a price per square unit (ft, m or in)
  • Set Base Customer Price: Set your customer price here using a fixed price, price per square ft, m or in or a pricing rule. To apply your pricing rule, select from the dropdown provided.  Click here to learn more about pricing using a pricing rule! 
  • Cost Per Sq Unit: Set your product's price by a rate applied to each size (sq ft., sq m., or sq in.) The metric can be changed / updated on the General tab.
  • Fixed Cost: Set a static price for the product that applies to each size.
  • Enter any cost (product cost override) or price (fixed price override) overrides that will apply to the specific color.
  • Click Save when done.