Copy from Existing Sku

This feature allows you to quickly make a duplicate product of your choice from your existing product catalog.

When copying from an existing SKU, a duplicate product is created.  You will then be able to edit and make changes to your product, without affecting the original product.

Note: This is a fantastic way to create a pre-decorated product when you already have the decorated images mocked up outside of Inksoft.  

Navigating to Copy SKU

  • Hover over Products
  • Hover over Add New Product
  • Click on Copy from Existing SKU

Copying your SKU

  • Type your SKU into the field highlighted below.
  • Click on 'Copy SKU', this will generate the new SKU and may take a moment to load.

New Product Copy

After your copied product loads, you will be taken to the edit product page to make your changes.

  •  The SKU will appear as it is on the main product with the extension _COPY, you can edit this as needed. 
  • Copying the SKU copies all product details including store and category assignment, SEO information, and price. Please make your adjustments accordingly.