Add/Edit an Existing Size Chart

Size charts will allow your customers to see manufacturer specific sizing prior to purchase

Navigating to add a size chart

  • Hover over Products
  • Hover over Add New Product
  • Click on Supplier & Manufacturer

Edit Manufacturer to access size charts

  • Click on 'Select Filter Type'.
  • Click on 'Edit Manufacturer' to pull up all manufacturer size charts.

Uploading Your Size Chart

  • You are able to upload multiple size charts per manufacturer. 
  • Pixel size can vary for size charts, but it should be a square (1000x1000 pixels works well). 
  • Click on the Pencil icon to the right of the Manufacturer.
  • Using the Plus Sign, you are able to add in your charts and name them.
  • Save your changes.
  • Repeat this process for all Manufacturer Brands/Size Charts you wish to upload.

Click here to view a sample size chart

Assigning Size Charts

There are two methods for assigning size charts to blank products.

1) Bulk Apply

From the Admin Portal, head into Products > Manage Products and filter your items accordingly. Select all items you want to make this change to by check-marking the boxes to the left of the item. In the 'Select Action' drop-down, choose the option 'Assign Size Chart'. All you need to do now is select the Manufacturer, Size Chart and click Apply!


2) Individually

From the Admin Portal, head into Products > Manage Products and begin editing the product you wish to make this change to. On the General tab, you will see an option called Size Chart. Select the Chart you want to be associated with the product and don't forget to Save!


NOTE: With this method, you will only see the size charts if you have the correct Manufacturer selected. 

Need to get a size chart? Click here to access size chart templates for download