Upload Colors and Images (Bulk Actions)

You are able to upload multiple product colors to save time on your custom product configuration

The batch upload feature within manage products allows you to upload multiple images for product colors and sides you have set on the individual product.  

Accessing the Batch Color Upload Option

  • Click into the sku of the product you want to upload your images for. 
  • Click on the Colors and Images Tab. 

 Uploading your Color List - Preparing the CSV File

You will need to upload your color list before uploading your product images. 

  • Download this CSV file to set up your Product Colors.  The fields to fill out are listed below (those marked with * are required):
  • Color Name* - This is the public product name of the product and is visible to customers.
  • Primary Color* - This is the public color of the product that is visible to your customers.   (If you need help generating 6 digit HTML colors, check out the FREE Chrome Extension Colorzilla. Do not use the # symbol in front of the color.)
  • Secondary Color -  If there are 2 colors (i.e. a Raglan Tee), you can add the accent HTML color (Optional).
  • Status* - Set it to True to make the Color Active. Set it to FALSE to make the Color Inactive. Active colors will be seen by customers.
  • Minimum Per Order - This would be a quantity number to be purchased by color, if you are not enforcing a color minimum, you can leave this field blank.
  • Save your CSV sheet.
  • Click on  the upload arrow next to the save button. Click on 'upload color list' to import your CSV file containing the list of your desired colors.

Uploading and Formatting your Product Image CSV File


  • To import your product images in bulk for all active sides of the product you will need to make sure that your files meet the parameters listed below. 
  • Images need to be sized at 500x500 pixels
  • Images should be a PNG file
  • Files will also need to be named according to the color and side you are uploading.  Example: sku_color_side-name.png (5000_Red_Front.png).  If the files are not named correctly, the image will not upload.

Uploading Product Images

  • Click and hover on the upload button.
  • Then click on 'Upload Images'.

  • Click 'Browse' to upload your files. You will see a few image naming examples displayed in the window as well, please make sure all your image files are formatted as the example shows. 

  • After you select the appropriate files, save on the page before navigating away. 

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