Product Filters

Applying filters within the Manage Products section allows you to view and sort your products efficiently.

Navigating to Manage Products

  • Hover over products 
  • Click on 'Manage Products'

Filtering to View Products

Select Filter Type By:

  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • Store (once you have more than one store)
  • Category
  • Printing Type
  • Product Type
  • Status
  • Color Types
  • Max Print Colors
  • Harmonized System Code.

Once you have chosen your appropriate filter, you will then click on 'select options' to choose your filter option. If we were sorting by a manufacturer, for example, we would choose our specific manufacturer(s) from 'select options'. 


Applying Additional Filters 

You are able to add additional filters to further adjust and sort your products to a more detailed view. 

In the example below, we sorted by manufacturer, added a second filter, (category>t-shirts long sleeve) to view a more detailed product list.  


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