Product Categories

Keep your products organized with categories

Categories are quick to create and help keep you and your customer organized.  Let's get started! 

Navigating to Product Categories

  • Hover over Products
  • Click Product Categories

Creating a New Category

  • Click on Create New 

  • After clicking create new, you will be able to name the category and add an optional category image by clicking on the upload button. 
  • Click on "create category" to add your new category to the list. 

  • Make sure to save your changes on the page before moving on! 

Creating Sub-Categories

For further organization, you may want to create a sub-category within a main or "parent" category.   You can create a subcategory by following the steps above with one slight change. 

  • When creating a sub-category, you will enter in your sub-category name and then select a parent category to nest it under as shown in the screenshot below. 

Click here to learn how to assign your products to a category

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