Manage Products (Print Regions)

Print regions allow you to set the decoration space per product side for your customers.

The print regions tab allows you to set your decoration/impression space on your products.  You are able to add multiple regions per product side and adjust the dimensions as needed for your printing preferences.  

Adding Print Regions

  • Click on the 'Print Regions' tab
  • Click into the corresponding side (these sides are enabled under the General Tab) using the + to add a print region to the selected side. 


Setting your Print Region parameters

  • Once you have added your region, fill in the fields highlighted in red below.
  • Click on 'Draw Region' to drag and drop your region on the garment, this is the decoration space available to the customer. 
  • Continue to add print regions as needed using the +, you can add up to four print regions per side. 
  • You can delete your region with the trash can icon.
  • Save your changes. 

Please take note of the information below:


Advanced Settings

  • Print Widths: This section allows you to add custom print widths by clicking on the plus sign.  Adding a print width here will make it available in the 'width' dropdown shown above. 
  • Designer Overlays: These are most commonly used for sublimated products or products where you need to have a circular or oval print region.  

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