Manage Products (General)

The General Tab allows you to make individual edits to your products.

In this article, we will review how to edit product information and settings on an individual level.  When adding a product from a supplier product catalog, this information will be pre-populated for you.  

Several of the product options below can be performed in bulk to save you time, click here to learn more about bulk actions!

 Details and Product Description
  • Enter 'Edit Product' Mode: Click on the blue sku number within Manage Products to access 'edit product' and make your changes. 
  • Details - In this section, you are able to set your default color, change the product name, SKU and Supplier/Manufacturer.  We recommend keeping the MFG SKU as is for blank product ordering purposes. 
  • Product Description:  This information will be included from the supplier when adding the item from a supplier product catalog. You are able to edit as needed.  This section also supports HTML coding.  
  • Store Search Tags: These tags are optional and will assist your customer in locating the product on the storefront.


Sizing and Sides
  • Available Sizes: The sizes can be rearranged using the up and down arrows on the right, or by using the drag and drop to the left of the size. Unchecking the blue box on the left will remove that size as an option for all product colors.
    If you need to add a new size, click the plus button at the bottom of Available Sizes. Be sure to enter both a Name and a Weight for the size! 
  • Available Sides: Checking these sides enable printing on that location


Store and Category Assignment
  • Status - Active products will show on the storefront, Inactive products will be unavailable to customers on the front end. 
  • Store(s) - Select your store(s)
  • Categories - Blank products MUST be categorized to show on the storefront and in the design studio.  You may add the product to multiple categories as needed.


Product Options/Personalization Options
  • Featured - Will rotate the product in a featured space on the storefront - available on Webstores only.
  • Available for Quantity Discounts - Will enable the product to be included in future quantity discounts.
  • Tax Exempt - No tax will be charged on the product.
  • Pre-Decorated - Check this for static/logoed products - this prevents products from being pulled into the design studio.
  • Free Printing - Printing is included in the price of the item, no print price will be charged.
  • Require Design - Requires the customer to add a design to the item to purchase. 
  • Personalization Options - You have the ability to turn on the team name and number feature or toggle to 'none' to disable that feature on blank products. Custom Personalization is only available on pre-decorated products, click here to learn more about Custom Personalization!


Setting the Buying Options (Individually)

Use these options to determine HOW you sell this item in your store. 


Buy Blank is the sale of blank items. Design Online will take this item to the Designer. Design Form is an opportunity to request a quote.

The Design Form button on the product page is able to be edited as well.

Printing Capabilities 
  • Decoration Methods - Enable digital (full color) print or screen print for the product.
  • Max. Print Colors - You are able to control print colors at the item level - Note: this will apply to screen print only. 
  • Screen Print Grid - Assign your Screen Print pricing grid here - the default grid will automatically apply to the product. 
  • Digital Print Grid - Assign your Digital Print pricing grid here - the default grid will automatically apply to the product. 


  • If you need to enable a higher product minimum then the standard, enter it here. For example, if you begin to screenprint at 12 pieces, but this item requires a minimum of 24, enter that here.

Click ahead to learn more about the Colors and Images tab