Manage Products (Advanced, Stores and SEO)

The advanced and SEO tabs give you the option to control your inventory and search engine optimization at the product level.

These optional tabs within your products will allow you to control Search Engine Optimization and Inventory Control on individual products.


The Advanced tab allows you to set inventory controls at the individual product level. 

  • Inventory 
    You can choose to Enforce from My Inventory, Enforce from Supplier Inventory or Do not Enforce Inventory (recommended).   

Product Tax Categories (only available in the post-Sales Doc version of the system)
We have added Tax Categories from our TaxJar integration that allow you to easily assign specific categories that will tax differently. As an example: some areas may tax differently for Youth apparel. You can use Tax Categories to be sure that the appropriate tax would be applied in that situation. You can click the View Tax Category List link to see a list of all TaxJar Tax Categories.



The stores tab allows you to set product colors to available in different stores.  

  • Drop down your store in the upper left hand corner. 
  • Select the desired store - click on the product colors to add/remove them from the selected store. 
  • A green box around the color means that color will be available in your store, a grey box indicates the color is not available in that store. 



The SEO tab will allow you to control the page title, page description and keywords for each product at the store level. 

  • The SEO content will be populated from the supplier, with the option for you to customize. 
  • You can customize the SEO content by typing into the corresponding box and editing your text. 
  • You are also able to enable/disable crawling bots on this page. 

Click here for more information on SEO!