Custom Personalization

Custom Personalization allows for customization options on static or pre-decorated products

For each product within InkSoft marked as 'pre-decorated' you can select 'Custom Personalization' to create up to three custom personalization fields. 

These are ideal for team names and numbers, optional up-charges for different print types such as glitter, embroidery, rhinestones and more.

How to navigate to Custom Personalization

  • Click on 'Products' from the main navigation
  • Click on 'Manage Products'
  • Pull up your selected product using the filters provided

  • Once you have clicked on the product sku, you will want to navigate to the Personalization Option section within the General tab of the Edit Product page. 
  • The pre-decorated option must be checked before enabling Custom Personalization, this feature is available on pre-decorated products only. 

Enabling Custom Personalization

  • To enable a custom field, click 'active' under the custom field section. 
  • Enter the field name (highlighted in red below), this will be displayed to the customer.
  • The description field is optional, you can enter additional information regarding the personalization here to further inform your customer. 
  • The price field is where you enter in the customer's price for the optional personalization.  If you have made this field required, you will not be able to associate a price. 
  • The 'add to cart' button text is also able to be customized (18 character max), you will see that displayed below the third custom field.
  • Make sure to save your changes on the page before navigating away. 

Important Notes & Helpful Tips