Blank Product Purchase Options (for selling blanks in Stores)

First, choose which blank products you want in your store.

In order to display blank products in a store, you must ensure that they are assigned to the store. You can do this from within Manage Products.


In the Manage Products view, find the items you want in your Store. Select them by checking the box on the left. In the Select Action dropdown, select Assign to Store. Choose the Store and click Apply

Once blank products are assigned, they can be viewed in the store within the Product CatalogFeatured Product components, and within the Designer (if applicable).

NOTE: Blank products only need to be assigned to a store if you need one or more of these solutions:

1. You are planning on using a Designer
2. You plan to sell the blank products as blanks (no designs)
3. You want the customer to fill out a Design Form telling you what they want for the blank products.

Blank products DO NOT need to be assigned to the store if you are planning on creating Pre-Decorated Products out of them.

Next, configure your Blank Product Purchase Options

These settings are visible on the General Tab when editing the product. The configuration you save here will be the default purchase options used whenever the blank product is assigned to a new Store. The available purchase options are:

  • Buy Now: This option will allow shoppers to choose their size, color, and quantity, and then add the blank product(s) to their cart as BLANKS.
  • Design Online: Allow shoppers to create/upload designs, and then decorate the product
    themselves using the online Designer tool. This option requires the most interaction from the customer, as they are essentially creating their own virtual mock-ups. They can then choose their size, color, and quantity, and add the custom-decorated product(s) to their cart.
  • Design Details Form: This option gives shoppers the ability to submit paid orders for personalized products without having to create or upload any artwork in the Designer. This workflow is ideal for buyers who want personalized products, but don't yet have their artwork ready or available (although there is also an 'upload' option here too).


No Purchase Option(s) Selected:
If no Purchase Options are selected, then a Contact Us button will show on the Product Detail page, and the shopper will not be able to add the product to their shopping cart.

Default Purchase Options: By default, when you add a new blank product to your InkSoft account, the Design Online purchase option is the only option enabled.

Design Form Button Label

This allows the admin to enter their own label for the button that displays on
the product detail page. By default, the button label will be set to 'Upload Now'.
This field is required and cannot be left blank.

Store Overrides

Purchase Options can be set at the Store Level. Store Level Purchase Options will
override the default Purchase Options that are set on the General Tab. In order to
view the Store Specific purchase options, you must first go to the Stores Tab of
Edit Product and then select a new store from the Store Select dropdown.


When a new Store is selected, you will see a select option labeled Blank
Purchase Options. The - Same as Product - option will be selected by default.
This means this store will use the Blank Product Purchase options you have set on
the General Tab.

To apply Store Overrides you must change this selection to Custom. Once
updated to custom, you will be given the same Purchase Options as before. Once you have made your selections, click the Save button. 

NOTE: you can revert back to the Default options here by changing the 'Select' option back to 'Same as Product'.



Set Blank Product Purchase Options in Bulk

Blank Product Purchase Options can be updated in bulk from the Manage
Products page. Simply use the filter options and select the products that you
would like to modify by enabling the checkbox to the left of each product.

With the products selected, open the Select Action dropdown, and choose Set
Blank Purchase Options under the -- DISPLAY -- section.


A dialog will appear, showing you a list of all the blank products you selected
from the Manage Products table. Note that if you selected any pre-decorated
products those will be left out of the bulk action dialog since the purchase
options only apply to blank products.


You can also change the Design Form Button Label for ALL selected products
from this dialog as well. 

Once you have made all of your selections, click the Apply action. The dialog will
close and your changes will be saved.

NOTE: the bulk action will overwrite the existing purchase options of the
selected products.



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