Add New Product (Manually)

Learn how to create a new Blank Product manually

NOTE: If you need to add a custom blank product, you are able to create that product manually following the steps outlined below.

However, if the product you need is an existing product that is normally carried by one of the integrated suppliers on our list (but you are not able to find that product in our catalogs), then we always suggest reaching out to us in Support. In this situation, we may look into potentially getting it added to our supplier feeds for you. 

Click Here to learn how to add products from Supplier Catalogs

The first option for manually creating a product, is to create a Blank Product from scratch:

  • Hover over Products
  • Hover over 'Add New Product' to expand the menu
  • Click on 'New Product'

The next step is to add your Required Fields:

  • Product Name - This is the customer-facing name of the product.
  • Supplier - Select from the list of suppliers (if you don't see the name you need, you can add a custom supplier name to the list).
  • Manufacturer - Select from the list of manufacturers (if you don't see the name you need, you can add a custom manufacturer name to the list).
  • Size Chart - Depending on the manufacturer you've chosen for your product, you may be able to select an existing size chart from that manufacturer.
  • SKU - This field is also required, but if you are creating a custom product that does not have an existing sku number, you can make one up.
  • MFG SKU - A manufacturer sku is also required. Again, like the regular sku, this can be whatever you like. Most users creating customer products use the same sku for both SKU and MFG SKU.
  • Product Description - If applicable, we suggest copying and pasting this from the supplier/manufacturer website for your product. If creating a custom product, you can provide whatever details you like that best describe your product.

NOTE: This field supports HTML coding. This field is required.

  • Store Search Tags - Add keywords that might help shoppers find your product. These are optional.

Make sure to Save your changes when you are done.

Once you've saved these initial details for your product, you'll be taken to an Edit Product page, and your product will be created and added to your catalog... but you're not done yet! Additional information and details need to be added to your product in order for it to work properly in the account.

You'll see a row of tabs for your product, listing all the different kinds of details that can be added and worked on. Read below to learn how to configure and work on each one.

PRO TIP : Once you're on the Edit Product page (but before you begin going through the tabs and adding details), we recommend refreshing the page to see if there are any warnings or error messages that need your attention immediately.

We advise addressing these first, and always make sure that you Save Changes frequently. We also recommend refreshing the page occasionally, so as to ensure your edits are being saved as you go.

General Tab

Be sure to enter the following options:

  • Enter your sizes and weights (required - Weights pull for shipping).
  • Make sure your Product is Marked Active (Published) under the Store and Category Assignment section.
  • Make sure your product is assigned to a store and a category.

General Tab: Continued

Be sure to review the following options:

  • Options - These are product specific options and are able to be set in bulk from manage products
  • Default Blank Purchase Options - Use this to set HOW you sell this item in your store. 
  • Personalization Options - Allow for team name and number printing on blank products - Custom Personalization is available for pre-decorated or static products only
  • Printing Capabilities - Assign your decoration method (screen or digital print) and the appropriate print grid. Default grids will always automatically apply to your products.  If you have custom processing days, you can also enter those under your Printing Capabilities here. You are also able to assign specific Ink Palettes to an individual product.
  • Choose your product minimum - This is only needed if you are enforcing a higher than the store minimum on this product.  For example, if your store minimum for screen print is 12 pieces, but this product has a 24 piece minimum, you can designate that in the minimums section.

Click here to learn more about product bulk actions!

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Colors and Images Tab

The Colors and Images Tab is where you add your Product Colors and corresponding product images. 

  • Name Your Color.
  • Set your color to Active so it shows up on the live site.
  • Set the Primary Color, this will show as a product color swatch to the customer on the storefront. Secondary Color is optional. 


Uploading Product Images
  • Click into the box that corresponds with the product side you want to upload the image for. 
  • Upload your image after you have selected your side.  (Images must be 500 pixels tall by 500 pixels wide - otherwise they will end up skewed and distorted. PNG file format is best.)
  • Click 'Add New Color' to add additional Color Styles and repeat the steps outlined above.
  • If you have a number of colors to upload, you can make use of the bulk upload feature located next to the 'save' button. To learn more about bulk uploading, click here for a detailed walkthrough
  • Be sure to Save your changes.

Pricing Tab

You will need to add your own pricing for your new item.

  • For this item, we will use a fixed price.  We have included additional resources at the bottom of this walkthrough regarding product pricing. 
  • You will want to type into the 'supplier cost override' field for the product cost, the customer or retail price will be entered in the 'fixed price' section. 


Print Regions Tab

Add your print region/decoration space for your item. Our item only includes a front.

  • Name your Region. (This is viewable by your customers.)
  • Select Your Width from the dropdown list.
  • Enter your Height.
  •  Click 'Draw Region' to place your print region on the item, you are able to scale the print region on the product at this time.
  • If you need to add an additional print region - left chest for example - click the + sign and repeat the steps above. You may add up to four print regions per product side.
  • 'Print Widths' allow you to view and delete existing widths.
  • 'Add a New Print Width' will allow you to add in a custom print width if needed.


Advanced Tab - Optional 

The advanced tab allows you to configure options like inventory controls, Google Product Feed functionality, and the ShopWorx option (ShopWorx support soon to be depreciated).

For the Inventory option, we default this setting to use the 'Do not Enforce Inventory' setting (which is typical for a custom blank product), but you can choose to configure the inventory levels for your product and enforce from your own inventory if you wish.


Stores Tab

  • The stores tab allows you to control product colors at the store level.  
  • Choose your store from the drop-down on the left, you are able to click on the product color to remove the green box, this removes the selected color from the storefront.  
  • You are also able to set products to featured in this space


  • The SEO Tab allows you to control your Search Engine Optimization information at the store level for the product you are editing. 
  • You can edit the page title, keywords and page description from this tab. 

Another option is to created a Pre-Decorated Product.

When creating a product, you'll see another option below the "New Product" option called "New Pre-Decorated Product". This legacy tool used to be the primary method for creating a product that will essentially need to be mocked up with a design/artwork prior to selling it in a Store.

We call them "Pre-Decorated" products - but these days, pre-decorated products are now built directly within the Store that you'll be selling them in - OR in a Proposal you may be sending to a customer. The new Rapid Product Creator tool located within Stores and Proposals will let you create pre-decorated products quickly and easily, and offer more functionality than the legacy method. We recommend using this new "RPC" tool to create all pre-decorated products. 

To learn more about the RPC and pre-decorated products, visit the Stores help guides and walkthroughs.

NOTE: If you'd like to learn more regarding the legacy method of creating pre-decorated products, you can view the help guide HERE. For any other questions about this tool, including help with use-cases and technical support, please contact our Support Team.



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