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Add a New or Existing Supplier/ Manufacturer

This feature allows you to add integrated supplier product catalogs to your store and add custom suppliers/manufacturers

Navigating to Add a New Supplier or Manufacturer
  • Hover over 'Products'
  • Click 'Add New Product'
  • Click on 'Supplier & Manufacturer'


Adding a Supplier

There are two options available in the Add Supplier section

  • Toggle to 'Add Supplier'
  • Catalog Supplier - This option will show you a drop-down list of all supplier catalogs you have available to add on the backend.  
  • To select one of these suppliers, simply choose the supplier name as shown below and click save, that will add that catalog to the backend for you to shop from. 
  • Custom Supplier - If you need to add a custom supplier that is not listed, type it into the 'New Supplier Name' field, click save.  This does not make that catalog available to you, it is simply a way for you to choose that supplier when you are creating/editing a product. 


Editing Suppliers

The Edit Supplier option allows for you to set inventory control options or delete selected suppliers. 

  • Toggle to Edit Supplier, click on your selected supplier to adjust the inventory options.  
  • To delete a supplier, check the box to the left of the supplier, choose 'delete' from the select action drop-down. 


 Adding Manufacturers

  • Enter the new manufacturer name
  • Click Save


Editing Manufacturers

In the Edit Manufacturer section, you are able to view and upload your size charts as well as your Manufacturer Logo.

  • To upload, click the browse button in the corresponding section to upload a thumbnail image, logo, or size chart. 

  • Select the document from your computer and upload, the best practice is to use PNG file types.

  • Thumbnail images - 30 pixels high
  • Logo - 200 pixels wide
  • Size Charts - 1000 pixels wide
  • Make sure to save before navigating away

NOTE: You can add multiple size charts to the Manufacturer.  

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