Production Schedule

Is this store going to print and/or produce orders on-demand? Or, are you planning on printing/producing all of the orders on a fixed date? This can be accessed from Store Admin > Store Settings > Production Schedule.


Choose this production schedule option if you plan to produce orders as they are placed. Orders that ship will simply add their Production Time and Maximum Days in Transit together starting from the day the order was placed to give an estimated in-hands date to customers, if you choose to Display Estimated Delivery Date



Expected Production Date 

By choosing production schedule you will be prompted to select a date from the calendar for the start of production. This is usually done a day or two after the store closes. This will calculate with the processing time within your Shipping Method or Pick Up option of On Demand to give your shoppers the same ship or pick up date. 

Example Calculation: 

Production Date = August 1st (a Monday.)
Processing Time = 10 days (This is business days and excludes weekends)
Date your shopper receives = August 15

The beauty of this, is that no matter whether your shopper purchases on the first or last day, they will receive the SAME ship date or pick up on demand date.