Screen Print Pricing

Calculate/Set Up your Screen Print Pricing Grid

InkSoft's print pricing is straight forward. You create the number of breaks for your quantity range. This will then allow you to assign a specific grid to a product or a specific color of a product.


NOTE: You can create as many grids as you would like. It will automatically come over with Default (Dark Color Grid) and Light (Light Color Grid).

Printers Guide to Profitability

Need some information over increasing your revenue and lowering your cost when pricing to your customers? Printers Guide to Profitability


Pricing Options (Important)

Prior to creating your Screen Print pricing grid, please make sure to check that your Pricing Options are set up properly. 

  • Vector-Only Printing is checked 
  • Set your Max Print Colors per design
  • Minimums per Order for your Vector Printing

Pricing Options

Let's Set Up Screen Print Pricing
  • Click Pricing
  • Click Print Pricing 
  • Click Screen Print Pricing

You will automatically have 2 Screen Print Pricing Grids: 

  • Default (Dark Color Grid)
  • Light (Light Color Grid)

NOTE: You can add as many grids as you may like. Click the '+' Sign next to Light grid to add another pricing grid to your list.


Screen Print Pricing

Using the Default Screen Print Pricing structure, you will fill in the required fields to complete your Screen Print pricing.

NOTE: Every box needs to be filled with a number or it will not save. Make sure to enter 0.00 if you want the specific box to have a zero dollar price.

  • Break Count - Set up your break counts per your shirt quantities. To increase or decrease your Break Count - Enter the number of breaks you want and click the refresh arrows

Break 1 = 12 - 23 Shirts
Break 2 = 24 - 35 Shirts
Break 3 = 36 - 47 shirts


    • Setup Charges (Setup Charge is per Side per Design) - Your set up charge is a one time charge to your shopper. Its basically your Screen Price per color (You can also tack on any extra set up fees)

    1 Color = $15 for a screen
    2 Color = $30 for a screen
    3 Color = $45 for a screen


    • Print Price (Print Price is per Item per Side) - This is primarily the price of your Ink. 

    1 Color = $2.89
    2 Color = $3.64
    3 Color = $4.09


    • Click Save

    NOTE: Remember to make sure that every box is filled with a value. If you want it blank, put in 0.00 


    Screen Print Pricing Defined Example 

    See table below to show you how your print pricing is calculated. 


    Screen Print Pricing Calculation WITH Product Price

    See the example table below to understand how the full calculation would formulate to your shopper. 

    Pricing Formula: Blank Product Price + Print Price = Finished Price


    Creating Additional Screen Print Pricing Grids
    • Click the Plus Sign (+)
    • Enter the Name of your grid (i.e. Light, Vinyl etc.)
    • Enter Break Count
    • Click Add Pricing Model


    Delete Print Pricing Grid
    • Click on the Pricing Grid you want to delete (i.e. Light)
    • Click on the "X" at the top right - this will remove your grid
    • Click Save

    Note: You can't delete the 'Default' pricing grid.


    Assign Print Pricing Grids to Products

    Now that you have your pricing grids set up. Let's make sure we are associating your grids to your products! 

    Manage Products