Pending Payment Status

With our new authorize and capture process, you will be able to view declined and pending orders.

There will be 3 scenarios that can occur upon checkout:

1. Successful Order - Payment is accepted, the order is created and labeled as Paid

2. Pending / On Hold / Under Review Order - (Typically an issue with processors like Authorize.Net and PayPal Pay Flow Pro) Payment is sent to the processor, process flags the payment as 'under review', the order is then created within InkSoft Orders, the order status will now be labeled as 'Pending' - Note: Any orders that are in a pending status will still be included in Reports, Purchasing, and Production.

3. Declined Order - Payment will be instantly declined by the processor, an error will show declined to the shopper, the order will NOT be created within InkSoft 


If an order is 'Pending' and ends up being declined by the processor, the order will be flagged as declined, highlighting the entire line of the Order so that it flags the Admin as needing their attention. 


In addition, we will be sending out an email to the Admin and the Shopper, letting them know that there was an issue with processing payment on order number- xxxxxxx, asking the shopper to reach out to the Admin.  Another notification is sent letting the Admin know that action is needed on the declined order. 

  • For the admin, the email will have a link directly to the order that was declined

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.06.56 PM

  • For the Shopper, the email will show the store's contact information so they can easily reach out.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.06.27 PM

When payments are 'Pending' there are certain actions that won't be allowed:

While payment is 'Pending' you will not be allowed to request payment or manually add payment.

You will not have the ability to cancel or edit an order while under the 'Pending'. You will need to 'void' the pending payment before making edits/changes to the order. 


Filter by Payment Status within Orders

You can now filter Orders by the following Payment Statuses:

  • Pending 
  • Declined

Once Orders are Approved